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Originally Posted by Oscar View Post
I that I would put my thoughts into numbers.


To borrow a phrase from a post that I read on this very forum earlier this year: People make the mistake of believing the choice is between x-drive or rwd with snows. Instead, they should be always purchasing snows, then choose between x-drive or rwd.

I disagree with your simplistic analysis and sweeping generalizations. I used to have an Audi FWD with snows that would religiously go on yearly, and still have family members living in Canada that do exactly as you said.

It's a compromise - if you asked me the same question 20 years ago, I would have been firmly in your camp... it is just what my parents did.... never questioned it. However, I find all seasons very acceptable in both climates, and do not have the annoyance of changing tires on a daily driver. Seriously, the statement "they should always be purchasing snows" is just ludicrous. There are many different climates, driving habits, and driving styles. What works for you is much different than what works for somebody else.

What I think we should focus on is understanding the relative benefits of each. AWD, to me, is a car handling that I have very much gotten used to, and extremely like as I find it more safe, intuitive, and suited to my driving needs. I like being able to give large amounts of power without increasing oversteer / "fishtailing". I like true tracking ability (tracking in the sense of the heading of the car), at the expense of significant understeer if I were to push it in the summer months. I don't track this car, but have driven 911's on the track, which are RWD and well suited for that purpose.

A RWD with snows will handle differently than AWD with all seasons. Put me in the drivers seat of any combination and I'll tell you what the car has within a few turns -- it is not that difficult. I would bet most people would be more adept at steering around a snowy rally course with AWD. YMMV...
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