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I was not trying to question the reliability of the design- just passing on what I had heard from a BMW insider. This type of failure is pretty disturbing.

Originally Posted by Penguin
Real OEM shows the same part number for the rods in European and US engines. (11247798368)

Real OEM shows the same part number for the crankshaft/bearing assembly in European and US engines as well. (112177942263)
that's interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Here is the post from forums:

Originally Posted by mapezzul
Originally Posted by 535desire
I just want to make sure I understand you. Are you saying that the US 335d engine different than the Euro version??

I'm surprised to learn that there are so many differences between the 330 and 335 d, but I'd be REALLY surprised if the basic 335d engine differred between US and Europe.

Yes, you are correct and what I said is true. The US 335d is different than the EU version. I took part in the press conference yesterday. The US version was designed specifically to make the engine smoother, quieter and cleaner.

There are modifications to the pistons, rods, pins, crank case (main rod bearings), breather system, EGR system, the SCR system, Exhaust, additional noise absorption elements under the engine and elsewhere.

The US also sees additional heating components. The list is extensive, and the modifications significant; the reason another engine was not used.
I've asked mapezzul to post here and elaborate, if he can.
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