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Originally Posted by diesaroo View Post
I suppose the obvious but only real answer is time will tell if this is an isolated incident or more prevalent.

Even though Mercedes has been building diesels from the beginning, they had rod bending problems with the 300sd.

So far we have one case of total failure. Any production engines will have a statistical outlier. I think there will be more cause for alarm if we get several more in the near future.

In the meantime...enjoy your diesels gentlemen!

Btw, is anybody using cetane boosters or fuel additives? I'm going to use PS to start and see how that goes. I use redline DFC in my 190 diesel but that stuff is too pricey to use a lot of. Reason being US diesel has cetane of 40 to 45 while BMW recommends a minimum of 51.

BMW has been building diesels for quite some time as well, they are not "new" to this party at all. BMW makes some of the best and most reliable there are. Diesel issues are few and far between- this could have been a fuel issue or undetected defect in manufacturing. Personally I wonder if the transmission went first then caused the engine to go- A car with this many miles usually does not develop an engine issue from a defect.

BMW will have an engineer break this engine down and see what the cause was - test the fuel, look at the "black box" and evaluate the situation. As far as I am aware this is the first reported issue with the advanced diesels. There are motors out there with far more miles than this and no issues.

This is an outlier and not a real concern at this point. It is a shame it happened but with any mass produced product this occurs.

It may take several weeks for a new motor to be shipped, it may even go through Spartanburg then get shipped to the dealer, with the new regional distribution centers supply chain methods have improved but I am not familiar with them at this time.

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