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Originally Posted by d geek View Post
a few oil questions:
did you ever see an oil warning message of any kind? Does your x5d have a dipstick? Did you ever check the oil level, or is that checked by the computer at every start up which notifies the driver? Did you ever need to add oil? Had the oil been changed yet?
I don't think there's a dipstick but I could be mistaken. No surprise considering the number of times I've opened the hood. The owner's manual refers only to an electronic oil level check like my e90 330i. No oil warning indicator ever appeared and I was never prompted to add oil. An oil change was performed on August 21 at 9305 miles.

In the middle of all the commotion, while the vehicle was making all that rhythmic racket, we used the iDrive to perform a system check. All I remember was a list of items with green labels showing all systems OK. Made me want to ask her, "No problem? Are you sure? Then what the hell is all that noise?!"

As far as the internal systems were concerned, everthing was fine despite the loud banging coming from underneath. Actually sounded like something came loose in the exhaust system.

The yellow gear/exclamation point indicator only appeared when I tried to start the engine after the Big Bang and after coasting to a stop.

No, the only warning indicator I've ever seen was a strange "Incorrect Exhaust Fluid" message. I say strange because I was expecting to see something more along the lines of "Exhaust Fluid Low," not incorrect. I figure maybe something got lost in translation, surprising considering how persnickety BMW is.

The appearance of the "Incorrect Exhaust Fluid" message is what prompted me to call for a regular oil service. I had actually expected the first oil change to occur after more miles, like 330i.
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