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Stalling too...

New member here as well...Joined so I could throw in my two-bits on the G650 XCountry engine stall issue.

My bike (2008 G650 XCountry) is my only ride, so reliability is a real issue. Currently I've run up 20k miles without too many headaches...Starter Switch, Muffler failure, and this issue of stalling when cold.

My dealer, here in Colorado, has a top-notch mechanic (Nikki / Yes, a girl) who's as baffled about this stalling thing as the rest of us. I'm pretty confident she's being a straight-shooter when she says that the engineering geeks at BMW say, "That's just the way it is...get used to it." For the bucks, I expected more of an answer. Notwithstanding all that, here's my take:

This single-cylinder motor has a four (4) inch piston and a flywheel that has no substantial weight. As with almost all bikes, there will be a little bit of "stumble" as the engine goes through the start sequence. Because of the single-cylinder, the size of the bore, the absence of mass at the flywheel...any hiccup that causes an ignition sequence failure on the power-stroke, will stop crankshaft rotation immediately, and I mean right now.

At first, the abrupt cessation of engine rotation gave me real concern. When I factored in the factors I cite above, I became a little more relaxed.

On my end, I went through the $ 135.00 factory repair manual (Yes, I gotta real one) for clues, but came up with nothing.

Aside for this annoyance, I think these Rotax Beemer-Bikes are the finest signle-cylinder bikes made.

Hope that helps a little. If anyone has questions about this or XCountry mods, just drop me an email. turtleflats at comcast dot net

Oh yes, Greetings to All.

Take care, happy riding.

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