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Originally Posted by Penguin View Post
Thanks for the excellent and informative link!
Well I learned a few things from it though it can be dated at times.

IIRC, the changeover from LSD to ULSD has been voluntary from station to station and supplier to supplier up until December 2010 according to one source. Here in Middle Tennessee, within the last 2 months, the local Flying J went from offering ULSD as a single service lane product to all lanes. I think LSD is still being sold in some heavy truck pumps. ULSD is widespread but by no means entirely universal.

So if you don't see the ULSD sticker on the puimp...don't fill up as it may damage the emissions systems on your bimmer.

JerrySpaeder: Any updates on your X5? As others have said, BMW owes you at the least a brand new engine. If I were to venture a guess, other than a material failure, I would say one of the oil squirters that cools the back of one of the pistons clogged causing the piston to seize in the bore and the connecting rod failed in tension and the crankshaft punched the rod through the block.

This has happened on some mercedes diesel engines since the design is similar.
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