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Just to clarify, the problem with the broken adjusters should not affect the auto-leveling feature. If the lights are not "popping" up as you note, that seems like it would be a different issue than the adjusters that you use to manual tweak/calibrate the level and direction of the light beams. +1 on what Max is telling you to do to determine if you have broken adjusters which as I'm noting should be a seperate issue that you might have. I'm assuming you double checked that everything got plugged back in correctly.

If you do have broken adjusters, most of the lights from 2001-2003 can be opened via the baking method that you can find on the search (sorry, I don't have the link handy). It does seem that there have been a few people who were not able to use this method because their lights were held together with a different type of epoxy rather than the black sticky stuff. The baking method worked fine on my '02 lights.

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