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G650 X is stalling

The ECU was replaced in my bike and I picked it up on Thursday 10/1. It ran fine that day, didn't ride it on Friday, and ran fine again on Saturday. Sunday, however, was a bad, bad day! Went out for a ride and it stalled once in the morning (uh-oh). Rode about 90 miles and stopped for lunch (about an hour). When I started it after lunch it stalled three times -- the first time it made a loud screech but the other two times it just quietly died. It continued to stall (when cold) throughout the day. The worst episode was after stopping for dinner on the way home. I had to restart it 6 times! Very frustrating!

The very nice service manager at the dealership called to follow up the following week and I told him it was back to stalling. Not sure what to do now so I'm randomly calling dealerships around the country hoping someone has a fix for this. Not all of the G650X bikes seem to have this problem -- some of them run just fine -- in fact, on occasion mine actually starts fine the first time and stays running! So what is different about the ones that continually (and sometimes intermittently) stall??? That is the million dollar question....
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