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Originally Posted by SanDiegoShaun View Post
Who else has an opinion? How did you order your 2010 X5?

Well, it might be easiest to first list the options I didn't take, and why it didn't make sense for me:

Cold Weather package: I really did want the heated steering wheel, but I have no use for heated rear seats, and I have heard some people complain about the headlight washers needlessly messing up their hood with the spray. So I ordered just the heated front seats instead of the cold weather package.

Adaptive Drive: I would like to have this, but (a) $3,000+ takes the cost/benefit ratio out of my range, and (b) I keep my vehicles a long time, and the adaptive suspension is likely to have more problems, be very expensive to fix, and preclude the usage of non-BMW shocks down the road.

3rd row seat: No use for this, although if they offered the self-leveling rear suspension as an individual option, I might have considered that.

Premium Sound: I would have liked to get this, but again BMW bumped the price an extra $500+ by insisting a CD changer be included in the package. If Premium sound was available as an individual option around $1,000, I would have probably gotten it. But at $1,700, it just wasn't worth it to me.

Rear Climate package: Not having many passengers ever back there, no reason to get it.

Comfort access: A cool and convenient feature, but not worth it to me, considering the addition of one more thing that could go wrong with the locking and starting of the vehicle.

Then a couple of key options (to me):

Comfort seats: Quite expensive, but considering the time I will spend in them on trips, it seemed worth it to me. An old guy once gave me a piece of advice... "You spend most of your life either in bed or wearing shoes, so don't skimp on either of those." I guess you could add vehicles seats to those two and cover a good percentage of your lifetime!

Tech package: I debated about this as the nav is terribly overpriced, but (a) a Nav system integrated with the audio system, which you don't have to pack away every time you stop and leave the car, and which will automatically override the radio/music when it announces upcoming turns, is a real convenience, and (b) without the tech package, you get a smaller i-drive screen. Throw-in the other goodies like the top view camera, voice control, etc. and it seemed to make sense.

Now, I know that I have contradicted myself in (a) saying I don't want some stuff because of additional complexity, meaning more potential problems and repair costs down the road, and then (b) adding stuff like the technology package. I plead guilty; however, it again is a persona trade-off of the value you see in what something does, and the added cost and potential for problems down the road due to the added complexity.

Anyway, FWIW, that how I ended-up with my particular option mix.

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