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But just in case anyone is reading this,

I find it interesting that the same phenomena happens for other makes of cars on other forums.

Not to the same extent, but the pattern is the same:
- buyer of new car finds not everything is to their expectation
- seem to have more than their fair share of bugs, delivery faults, etc.
- their dealer does not appear to be willing or able to fix them

Here is a sample from a forum relating to a well-known Japanese brand.
The OP lists 7 problems, or perceived problems, with his car.
As the OP is not as eloquent as PPPXYZ, I felt the need to edit out needless bad language, etc., so am safe in reproducing it here without attribution or permission.

I really hate this car. The only thing i like about the car is the panoramic side view of it. But other than that they can have it back.

This car is garbage and because of it i will never buy another #*#*#* again. Sorry guys. PEACE!

- Sounds like you just got a bad car. I have never had any of these problems.

- Ride one on out then. Looks like someone did not do enough research, bought a car only in production a little over a year and expected no issues?
Did you even test drive it to see if you would like the way it handled and if the CVT was something you could live with?
Agreed that tire wear on the Bridgstone is rapid but grip and wet traction are acceptable. Tread wear of 320 should give a clue to how long they last.
PS. The car might be locking you out because it don't like the way you treat it.

- I don't see reason for half of your argument. Why would you put money in to something that you hate so much? Go trade it in for a new car dude..

- stop ranting and raving and get your stuff fixed

- should've done your research/test driven the car....

- I'm gonna toss you a bone and side with you on on some of your issues ......
from the sounds of the other points you probably got a lemon.
Regarding the CVT, I don't really care for mine either, I like the fuel efficiency it provides but really can't say I like anything else about it, but it's liveable

Sounds familiar? Maybe Dr. Phil should do a TV show on this phenomena, so he can guide people on how to best deal with the situation.