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Originally Posted by Evlengr View Post
I feel your pain here PPXYZ, but for some reason you keep skirting the question of why don't you seek third party assistance?

If you need assistance on who to contact or how to go about it we can help, but we can't help you if you don't try.

It's really a simple question.

It is the only way you will get this resolved!
How does a car manufacturer get around the Lemon Laws? They simply say (choose one or more):

1. It is normal.

2. We can't feel it today although we felt it yesterday.

3. The other new one in our lot does the same thing.

4. It is a secret design joke...I was actually told that.

5. Here is a work around because we know about this problem but it isn't really a problem.

6. Etc.

The key is to not acknowledge the problem no matter how dangerous, how common, how well understood and how often the problem has been addressed. That is the simple work around for avoiding lemon laws. Lack of admission is proof of lack of a problem.

From what I see, it is easy to run out the clock and have furious customers who may even be driving around in dangerous cars. The customer can simply park the car in the garage until they can peel themselves off the ceiling and sell it to some poor schmuck (you know who you are) and get a good car from another manufacturer and roll the dice again.

This is why most people hate buying cars.

So having lemon laws where you live is not protection against driving around in lemons. Most lemons are never lemon lawed and now you know why. Intermittent problems are the best protection. If you don't know when they are going to come up, exactly how much time and effort will customers spend trying to show them to an independent mechanic? Besides, even then, those things aren't problems, they are features.

Does that mean that those who have lemons shouldn't tell others about them? Oh, come on....have we really come to that?

Caveat customer stupidity.