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Originally Posted by PPXYZ View Post
Does that mean that those who have lemons shouldn't tell others about them? Oh, come on....have we really come to that?
Not at all -- you've conveyed the nature of your problems numerous times. That's fine.

The problem is that you aren't doing anything to get the problem fixed (or telling us of your progress). If you have contacted an attorney, your local consumer protection office, BMW NA, or your local dealer, you should tell us that. Otherwise, we're just going to assume you are a person who has a problem -- and the time to tell others about it -- but not the time to see if it can be fixed.

In my personal example, I had a problem with a prior BMW, called BMW NA, and had the problem fixed for a reasonable cost (I paid labor, BMW paid parts). I told other people about the problem so they could be aware of it, but also conveyed to them the solution so others could pursue it. In fact, I learned of the possibility of a solution from an internet message board.

I should mention that the car in question had almost 100,000 miles on it when I got it repaired (and was never a CPO car), so BMW NA is not averse to finding solutions well beyond the warranty period.

If you can, I'd like to know:
1. To how many attorneys have you spoke about your claim?
2. With which state consumer protection agency did you file a claim?
3. How many certified letters have you sent to BMW NA? What were their written responses?
4. What other actions have you taken to try to solve the problem?

If you think you've exhausted all avenues to get this fixed, I'd like to see the list of things you have tried so far. "Driving to the dealer and talking with a service advisor" may only be the first of many steps to get this fixed.