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Originally Posted by SL335IC View Post
Are you John? I didn't think so. That post was addressed to John
Even with a smiley, that was a rude comment.

Originally Posted by SL335IC View Post

Yeah, but I wasn't sure if the bolt pattern of the M-Sport wheels are different from regular sport package. Also, wanted to know if they had replica wheels that looked cool. Why do the wheels have to the an inch or two smaller? Is that a necessity for winter tires I am not aware of
Do you believe that getting an M-Sport version of a car is that different than any other version?

If you don't think that they stick the cheapest possible wheels onto winter tires - without any regard as to finding wheels "that looked cool" - you are sadly mistaken.

Regarding the size, winter tires are almost always smaller - and why would the winter tire provider spend extra unnecessary money getting 18 or 19 in wheels when 17s will fit the same car?
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