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Originally Posted by thumper_330 View Post
Personally, for a first bike I'd get something older and cheaper! You ARE going to drop it, and typically the larger engined bikes weigh more... so they go down harder and are tougher to lift up again.

Some mid-range bikes I've tried that I loved;

Suzuki SV-650 (S version is more sporty, but regular version is nice and upright)
Suzuki V-Strom (taller than the SV-650 but upright again)
Honda Nighthawk 750 (rode one of these for years, but they're old now!)
Yamaha FZ-6 (awesome first bike)
Honda 599 (spiritual successor to the Nighthawk)

Those are the basic ones I can think of off the top of my head that meet your requirements. They're all pretty easy to ride, and aren't "all out" sport bikes.
They say that anyone that rides long enough drops the bike, which I agree with. I started on a 91 CBR 600 F2, and it was perfect. Not too fast, light, easy to manuever, and being old, a few scratches fit right in with the paint scheme
From there I moved to an 01 Honda F4i 600, and loved that too. From there I went to an 06 Honda 600rr. All this happened within 2 years, and I've never dropped the bike, and I've logged over 20k miles between the 3. It's all about respecting the bike, and watching your @ss 24/7 while riding. Uneven roads, stupid/crazy drivers, and animals are things you gotta be on the lookout for at all times.

I garuntee I'll lay the bike down, but hopefully it isnt' too serious, and I cannot stress the importance of proper gear. I NEVER leave on the bike w/o my leather jacket, helmet, gloves, and riding boots. You may feel like a goon at first, and your friends may laugh, but you won't be the one sitting in the hospital with road rash covering 70% of your body.
Plus, wearing all that gear makes me feel like a moto gp rider :rolf:
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