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Originally Posted by thumper_330 View Post
Personally, for a first bike I'd get something older and cheaper! You ARE going to drop it, and typically the larger engined bikes weigh more... so they go down harder and are tougher to lift up again.

Some mid-range bikes I've tried that I loved;

Suzuki SV-650 (S version is more sporty, but regular version is nice and upright)
Suzuki V-Strom (taller than the SV-650 but upright again)
Honda Nighthawk 750 (rode one of these for years, but they're old now!)
Yamaha FZ-6 (awesome first bike)
Honda 599 (spiritual successor to the Nighthawk)

Those are the basic ones I can think of off the top of my head that meet your requirements. They're all pretty easy to ride, and aren't "all out" sport bikes.

That was and is my first street bike! Best bike I have ridden and will keep it for years to come! Best thing about it is as your ability grows you will not have out grown this bike!

I have a 07 Sv650S bought it Spring of 08 has roughly 2000k on it, so I dont ride it as much as I'd like. But to give you an idea of cost, if I were to sell it today I'd only want $5200 Idk if that's too high, seems fair.

But you can NOT go wrong with an SV!

Just my .02cents!

Feel free to PM with any questions!

Here's a pic of mine in case you didn't know what they looked like...

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