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I have done extensive research on oils, and I used to race motocross with my sons that were sponsered by Richmond Kawasaki in the early 90's.
I always believed in regular oil changes in the cars and trucks I have owned.

But let me tell you a story.
We were racing in the Golden State Nationals and I was talking to another parent that was working for Neo Oil in L.A.
They were running a couple of Pro bikes (they were two stroke motors back then that turned 12-14,000 rpm) on their Neo synthetic oil using a mixing ratio of 100 to one. Normally, I was using 32 to one.
They had no siezure problems and ran 100 to one ratio just to prove how much better their oil was than the regular racing oils.
I had a KX-125 my oldest son was racing that had seized that day, and we realized the jetting was too lean for Glen Helen, CA . I switched pistons, put in a 40 to one mix and raced the rest of the year without seizing the motor. Never changed the jetting either.

Then I changed all my vehicles over to synthetic. I buy whatever is on sale for my four wheel vehicles as long as it is full synthetic. I'm using Royal Purple right now because it was on sale at Kragen A/P last year.

BMW recommends Castrol synthetic. It's stamped into the radiator cover on my '03 325ci.
I still say changing your oil is more important on cars than what type of oil you use, unless you are like me and insist on full synthetic now. I am now wondering why my '03 325 oil change warning light is every 15,000 miles. Seems too long for me, so I do it every 10,000. So far.
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