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Originally Posted by DSXMachina View Post
Wit, please do the Audi 5000 research I suggested. Hundreds of cases PROVING there had to be a problem. Victims crying into the camera SWEARING that they did not hit the accelerator. Journalists earnestly writing editorials, and staring out of the television PLEADING with Audi to take the car off the market before more innocents die! So much anecdotal evidence IT HAD TO BE TRUE!

But it wasn't. Not a SINGLE case of runaway acceleration was due to a malfunctioning system. Driver error in every single case. The only way the attorneys and armchair experts could make the car run away was to drop a brick on the accelerator.

This is going to be the same thing all over again. It's like having to prove you're not a witch in Olde Salem.
DSX, I do honor your opinion. I read about the Audi case, and I understood your point clearly.

IMHO, this Toyota case is quite different from the old Audi case. It is typical of the faults all modern cars with computer brains may have. It is difficult to piece together any human errors plus the floor mat to make up the story. Computers cannot tell right or wrong. They just execute the commands. I agree that people may lie for some benefits, but still it is not possible to exclude computer faults from the 2000 complaints. I knew this kind of problems will come out some day. After I experienced one personally, I just became a more concerned driver. I don't blame cars, and I don't claim to be a perfect driver, either. I became far more attentive now while driving and think continuously about what to do assuming something can happen. I drive the current state-of-the-art car as is. My intention was to learn more wisdom from experienced drivers like you for everyone to get prepared. It is like the earthquake. You don't know when it will strike.
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