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Thanks for the opinion

JW, have you ever torn into an automatic transmission? It's not complicated at all to put back together, everything is very straightforward when you get in there. There were no parts that needed "special tools" to put back or align properly. The K2 clutch pack and the massive slip rings were the most difficult part. I used a sib along the way to guide me but nonetheless, it wasn't that hard like people make it out to be. Now if I had to completely rebuild the valve body from scratch that would have been hard, but I didn't have to. I had taken pictures of where the bearings went before hand so I put them back in the right place. I never replaced seals and gaskets but that would have been easy, i just did it to prove that it isn't hard like most people think

I spent tons of time putting a manual in my e46, I would never put that godforsaken automatic back in
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