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I'm staring at my broken Logic7 amp as I write this.... I have already disassembled it to look for the Capacitor information. Ive found them on the net for about $2.50 apiece.
I bought a replacement that fixed all my problems.
teejaylentz is absolutely right, probably the capacitors, they have a high failure rate with amps.
The other possibility is that one or more of the transistors are bad
I'm going to replace all the ones in my broken Logic7 and put it back in the car and see what happens, (I posted a DIY on R&Ring the Logic7. Its really easy) that is if I still have my car. I might be selling it.
In any case I'm very good with electronics. Ive been trying to find a detailed schematic of the Logic7 but cant find one to troubleshoot it properly.
In any case if it works Ill post it and you guys can send me your broken Logic7's and Ill do the same thing for you.
Might be a couple of weeks though, going out of town a lot this month.
In any case if anybody can find a detailed schematic for the Logic7 let me know.

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