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Verizon BB TOUR (9630) problems with 535i

I am having the same problems that a couple of others have been having with the BB TOUR (Verizon). I also have a BB 8330 that works perfectly fine. I looked at the software installed on both and the 8330 appears to have version 4.3.x.x and the Tour has 4.7.x.x.

It is very annoying - almost unusable as the car will recognize the TOUR but upon pairing, assumes tha the TOUR is on and won't allow the radio/Sat/iPOD to work - it shuts down the speakers.... If I make a quick call then hang up, the radio et al comes back.

When I make a call and subsequently hang up, the display in the 535i shows that the phone is still on a call. I do get my entire address book in the display on the 535i, but it seems that connect and disconnect signals through Bluetooth aren't going across properly?

Anyone have any thoughts? I just got the Tour and love the phone, but the 8330 (World) isn't that far behind it in terms of features and quality - and it works on the 535i....

Are there different versions of Bluetooth that could cause this problem?

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