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Sad day for Scudder44!
Any way you can reverse my vote please. Guess where my car is right now? Lovely people at Automotive Automatics in Edinburgh have the gearbox out and in pieces as the refurbish it with new solenoids and a torque converter. Totally out of the blue the cattle grid noise began on Tuesday morning and the gear box warning light came on so i stopped sriving immediately and had it taken into the shop. Luckily be stopping driving I saved wrecking the pistons and clutches but we are still talking about lightening the wallet by over 1600. Had the rest of meeb mashed we would be talking over 2300.
So, at 108000 (that is 3 months of ownership and 3000 miles) I have had the worst luck. Two recon injectors, one new for cat converter and now recon gear box. Lets not even think why there is a whiff of smoke at high revs when accelerating eh? This lump had a turbo at 85K miles, could it really be needing another?
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