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How Do You End Up With 22% Alcohol In The Gas Tank?

My daughter came to me the other day and told me her car was suddenly feeling rough. I took it for a quick test drive and it seemed OK but just in case I took it into the dealer. They tested the gas and found 22% alcohol in the gas. Wow. They told me they also saw a fault for low octane and misfiring. This is what prompted them to test the gas.

I am amazed - has anyone ever had this happen?

I checked with my daughter and she claims she only buys gas at "name brand" stations and always buys premium.

The fix according to the dealer is run the tank real low then add a can of Techron gas additive and fill with premium from a trusted (different) station.

BTW - while the X3 was in the shop they did the passengers seat air bag sensor replacement (recall) - this took them more than a day - I don't think they had the part in stock - wow again.

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