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Well, for those who, like me, are wondering why they left this hole in the engine, I looked it up on wikipedia. Apparently they're not technically freeze plugs. Freeze plugs are in the cooling system to help avoid cracking of the block if your antifreeze balance is incorrect and the fluid freezes. They need to be there in order to cast the part, and on properly designed engines are, in fact, threaded and blocked with a pipe plug.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Core plugs, sometimes wrongly called freeze plugs or frost plugs, are plugs that fill the core holes found on internal combustion engines. The sand casting cores are used to form the internal cavities in the engine block or cylinder head(s), usually forming the coolant passages. The traditional plug is a thin, domed, disc of metal which is pressed into a machined hole in the casting. In some high-performance engines the core plugs are large diameter pipe plugs.
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