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Thanks all for the comments- Sorry for the delay in posting, I've been away for the holiday week.

To answer some questions that were posted:

1. I like the ride on the 19' a lot better. I had the 17's on before and I heard and felt so much more road impact and noise. I wish I would have gotten all-season tires for my 19s because I dread going back to the road noise and such with the 17s. ( the tires for the 19s are toyo t1rs). I know people complain from more noise as they get bigger wheels but I guess I'm the opposite. (maybe i just had crappy tires on my 17s)

2. Most of my mods have come through my local bmw dealer and one of my brother's sponsors . That site has good deals on stuff and the service has been great....that's where I got my rims from.
I also suggest but they basically have the same stuff your local dealer would have (so that's good if you don't have accesss or the time to go to a dealer).

3. I got my black grill from ebay. I looked around and no sites had them. Yet, on ebay there were a lot and I took a chance. You just pop the old grills off and pop the new ones on.

4. The chrome trim on the window came stock on my car. I know there is a part number for the trim but I don't know what it is. Check and see if you can find the part number then just pick it up from your dealer.

5. As to pricing for the stuff on my car- I can't recall the exact prices but a rough estimate of each would be:
  • VMR Rims- 900 or so
  • Toyo T1Rs Tires- 200 or so per tire
  • Grille- 80
  • Smoke side markers- 30ish
  • Running Boards- 500
  • Tailights- 250
  • Chrome Exhaust Tips- 60 or so
  • Aluminum Pedals-80 or so
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