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A Horrible deal on 2010 X5 35d!!

Hi, guys, I am in Houston area and actually paid for my 2010 X5 35d last Saturday, 5 days from today. And I just found this forum today and read the posts, I just figured out how horrible was my deal and I came for advises! Thank you in advance.
My car is black/black with
premium package
tech package
rear climate package
running board
ipod adapter
roof rails
LoJack, 3 years tire coverage+ 5 year windshield coverage (this three I got for $1500 in total)
free mats
After the $4,500 eco credit plus $500 dealer discount, I actually paid $60,700 in total for driving out.

Like some previous posts mentioned, dealer brought the eco credit into the negotiation and said they were not willing to give anything other than $500 discount because $4500 is a lot, I was so stupid and I agreed with them. I just found the $4,500 is flat to everybody and the actual price can go down as low as 500 above invoice ($47,105,right?).
Now I know the price is at least $2,000-3,000 over what I should pay....
So, guys, what do you guys think about my stupid deal and since I just got it couple days ago, what can I do? Are they going to give me some money back if I threat to send the car back? I know this sounds freaking ridiculous, but please do help, I am out of my mind now....
Thanks alot, guys!
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