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I'm with Housh,

The deal wasn't terrible, I'd move past a few thousand dollars and enjoy your new ride. While a few dealerships here and there may give you 500 over invoice it is pretty hard to find. Most I had been dealing with could only go as low as 2000 over invoice (before eco credit) and I only found 1 that went lower so you really aren't that far off in the grand scheme of things. The plus is that you have the car you wanted at the price you could afford and felt was reasonable for what you got otherwise you wouldn't have done it.

Plus, I'm guessing that it is a dealership that is close to your house with a Client Adviser who will personally make sure you are happy and satisfied with your experience there. Should any problems with service, loaner cars, or customer satisfaction come up this can come in handy and may be well worth spending the extra cash for. You may (nicely) mention to your CA that you learned what the invoice price is and what others are getting for the car but I wouldn't get angry about it, you may want him/her in your corner someday and I wouldn't burn that bridge. You might ask if they can throw in the extended warranty, trailer hitch, or other option you are interested in if not for free maybe for the wholesale price but they aren't obligated to do anything so don't get your hopes up too much. Again, I'd keep things pleasant & remember a 2k difference in the overall price of a 60k car shouldn't keep you up at night. In fact, we may have even ended up about even since In CA I probably pay about 1-2k more in sales tax then the rest of the country but don't get me started...

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