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How to import music (USB) into iDrive

Both the USB connection in the glove compartment and the centre console can read and/or write to a USB drive. However, ONLY the center console has the audio connection for the iPod

and that's why BMW recommend you plugin the iPod in the center console. Some USB drives have small programs (for security reasons) that run on them which sometimes require authentication

before full access is granted to the USB drive or data on it. Some Kingston usb drives fall into this category and may not work in your BMW.

Instructions on how to import music from a USB drive onto the iDrive hard drive:

***Car SHOULD be OFF***

1) Insert the USB drive into any of the USB connection(s); Center console OR Glove compartment.

2)Turn the car ON

3) Press the Menu button and select CD/Multimedia OR press the CD button

4)Select External devices

5)Select the USB icon Not Connected. NOTE: Even though your USB drive is connected, it'll still show Not Connected.

6) Press the Option button OR move the iDrive knob to the right. Scroll down and select Music data import/export

7) Click on Import new music (USB)

8) You should now see Importing music...

NOTE: If it says No USB device detected

Do the following:
  • Unplug the USB drive
  • Turn the car off
  • Exit the car and lock/arm it
  • Wait for about four (4) minutes and repeat steps 1) thru 8).
If still No USB device detected, i recommend you try another USB drive.

9) When the import is complete, click OK. That's it.

The music collection you just imported will be labelled USB 1 (assuming this is your first).
To rename it, do the following:
  1. Select USB 1 and Press the Option button OR move the iDrive knob to the right. Select Rename album

  2. Use the back key |<- to delete USB 1

  3. Enter a name for your music collection and click OK

  4. Music collection USB 1 is now renamed

NOTE: There MAY be several and different ways to accomplish importing music (usb) and i hope you find this one useful.

Have fun!
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