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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
Very good write up!!

Question.... why didn't you take out the intake manifold??
Thank you.

For 2 reasons: you can change the separator without removing the intake manifold. It's a pain, but do-able. And second being the difficulty level of the job of removing the manifold. It would take me like 8 more hours to do that. Here is what djmcmath from Fanatics says about the job:

"Removing the intake manifold. This is a bear. You'll need to have a new gasket set and a torque wrench that's good for 11ft-lbs (you really want these torqued right), as well as a magnet-on-a-stick, some small screwdrivers, a pair of circlip pliers, and probably some other stuff. I should emphasize the difficulty here: I've rebuilt transmissions, I've pulled engines from cars with nothing but a floor jack and a socket set by the side of the freeway, I've built whole brake and suspension systems from the ground up. But even with all that experience, I dorked this process up twice in a row. If this is your daily driver and you have to drive it tomorrow, and you're not entirely confident about how this process will work, maybe pulling the manifold isn't for you tonight"

So, I left it alone.

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