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My bike is fixed now, problem was with fuel pump.

Originally Posted by victj View Post
I'm too glad found this forum like many others. But I'm just wondering, thus BMW knows about this forum at all. Maybe, they ought to read this to understand the frustation we all having. I just bought my 2007 G650X moto yesterday. I bought it used with only 270 miles in it. Almost brand new. I was so happy to finally see the bike with my own eyes after waiting for about a week or so for it.

Anyway, when i first start the bike, it failed to start. I called up my friend and asked him what's possibly wrong with the bike. This friend of mine is a bike collecter and a rider and a bike mechanic with more than 30 years of experience. After letting him hear, thru phone, the click-click sound from the bike when starting it, he told me that the battery is dead. Darn! I just spent quite a fortune for this bike to find out that the batt is dead. It makes sense to me, since this bike has been sitting in the warehouse, god knows for how long, maybe a year or more.

So, I went to the nearest motorcycle shop the next day and get myself a new OEM batt ($175). Put it on and try to turn it on again but still NO Luck. I had make sure that this new batt is charged and checked for its juice. I'm so confused and I called up BMW dealer, explain them about the problem. They said, they don't think it's the batt problem anymore. It might be something else. So, they told me to bring it in for them to check it. Since it's still under warranty, i'm with glad called the roadside assistance. After waiting about an hour and a half, finally the tow-truck arrived to haul my bike away.

I wasted 2 days of my time calling a few of my great motorcyclist enthusiast friends and BMW dealer to help me solve this mystery of STALLING problem (after changing new batt too), only to find out that the bike was no good. Pretty disappointed, since this bike is fairly new with only 270 miles. I'll have to wait till Monday, then they'll start to check on my bike.

I don't know what am I gonna tell them to do on the bike. I'll probably follow some pointers from you guys on this forum, to change the CPU and ECU. It's like asking them to give me a brand new bike. We'll see what the dealer told me. I hope they will not start blaming me. I'll be so pissed if they do. I'll let you guys know on the update.

Let's hope that BMW Engineers will read this forum and start making better bikes.
Update on the bike:
BMW Warranty is pretty good! They found out that the problem of not able to start is due to the fuel pump defective or clogged up. Make sense, since the bike been sitting unused in a warehouse for maybe a year or so. And also there were fuel inside the bike. That'll definitely could clogged up the fuel line going to the engine.

Anyway, after they replaced it for FREE becoz of the warranty, my bike runs great for about 2 weeks now. Hope it'll be trouble-free for quite a while.
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