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Have you popped out the old CCV's and looked at them yet? That amount of oil seems indicative of those not doing their job properly; even if there was a lot of blow-by (and there will always be some amount), the job of the CCVs and the paths on the undersides of the valve covers is to get the majority of oil out of that air and back down into the pan (and to help regulate pressure, of course). Once those start to break, you'll definitely get more oil pushed (at idle) or sucked (above idle) into the intake manifold. Speaking of which, it's probably about time to do my CCV's.

I haven't read anything about anyone opening up the intake manifold, but it seems pretty simplistic. There is no gasket between the top and bottom halves listed on, but I'm sure regular ol' gasket sealant would do just fine.

The VANOS solenoids control oil flow to the different sections of the VANOS units on the intake and exhaust cams (the gears on the front of the cams), making them twist to advance or retard the cams' timings dynamically.
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