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Originally Posted by chadwn View Post
I just started having a similar problem with my 330xi. It has plenty of juice but it won't turn over at all. I tried jumping it even to be sure. All the lights come on. I have tried a couple times to start it but nothing is a go. I had let the car sit for a few days while it was pretty cold out. I am hoping it will warm up enough today to get it to go.

I can't get the codes pulled since I can't move it anywhere. If it doesn't start this afternoon when it reaches the astronomically high temp of 31'F this afternoon I will be out of luck.

I am holding off on calling a toe service. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could try before I result to bringing it in?
I'd start with the battery. Is it the original? If so, it's probably toast. Get a battery charger and charge it up. If it does turn over, get it replaced.
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