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Originally Posted by From the Helm View Post
It does not take 2 years for galvanic corrosion to wipe out your valve stems. My MDX valve stems froze to the metal caps in one summer stored in my garage basement. The tire pressure checks you all seem so fond of making your selves are not necessary in the MDX because the TPMS reads out in PSI so you can check your pressure any time (and watch them change as the sun hits the tires on a freeway good for 1-2 PSI depending upon the season). So when I put my tires on in the fall, all 4 stems were frozen, and I don't carry Vaseline or any anti-seize for my schrader valve stem caps so don't even start with that.

Cost the boys at TireRack 4 TPMS, mount and dismount, plus my friendly face in their office for an hour!

BTW, who checks air pressure every month? Do you all have leaky valve stems? Tires hold air, then they go flat, why check them all the time? My BMW tires hold air, all the time, every day, it's weird, but I think tires are supposed to hold air.
Here's why some of us check pressure more than others; we know the importance of varying tire pressure for the conditions. My E92 has an acceptable and required pressure range from 32 to 40 (!) psi. Proper inflation pressure varies with speed and load. The proper inflation pressure for my car is 40 if I have four passengers and luggage, or if I will be travelling at very high speeds.
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