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Originally Posted by shihwei View Post
Hi everyone,
I have an '06 550, and while driving, I realized that when I make a suddent right turn at low speed (trying to turn into parking space etc.) I hear a high pitch squeak sound. Did a brief search, and didn't see this being discussed. Does anyone else have the same problem? Think I also had this problem with my '00 323i (but it was left turn on the 323)
I have a 2006 550 I have problems when u turning and pulling left turns sounds like a high pitch hum I was able
to duplicate it several times for the dealer they replace my rack and pinion power steering pump alternator checked the a frame all bushings replaced front and rear brakes the noise is still there we now are going. To replace the front left caliper and we already did the right I think that the calipers are not coming back kind of seizing up I got it to nappen when doing u turns in the left if you hear it in the right do your u turns that way around maybe 10 mph I can get it to happen alot they lubes the caliper pins and it went away for a day I am very activley working with hassel BMW as you read this car is going back in Monday it happens I real cold weather but sometimes when you move the wheel left to right alittle with slow speeds I can get it do it don't feel weird with the tech in the car just because you can't get it to make the sound right away it is a problem and I think they know about it keep trying any info could help us we don't know but this is sometimes very loud on turns with slight brake tap
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