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Originally Posted by cubed View Post
cpoole -- well it is not normal and it is not normal for a BMW. If you actually read this thread you'll see that it happens to other brands as well. I am guessing that your attribution to BMW as their "answer" is slightly tongue in cheek. But taking it at face value -- you need to get in their faces and remind them that normal wear never includes a fire in the cabin. They will make it right.

Its kind of like telling youthat its normal for the gas line to the engine to wear out as all of that "detergent" gas goes thru it over the years. Then the gas starts to leak and it comes in contact with the hot engine parts and the car blows up. Just normal wear, ma'am.
very tounge and cheek, and this appears to be a regular problem with bmw's. I know of a lot of older cars built by other manufacters with heated that don't have this problems or complaints. Its hard to understand why bmw doesn't correct the problem, its in the entire range of vehicle. The seat covers are built by Lear corp. in the states, you think they would tell them correct or else.
Its reminds me of gm's piston slap noisy engines being explained as normal. I just empected more from bmw, i was happy with my vw, at least the seat never caught fire.
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