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Originally Posted by kimokk View Post
Is there a beltdrive layout for an '02 530iA? I couldn't find one here using the search function.
To the best of my knowledge the belt layout is the same as above which is like my 540i. BTW I just changed my water pump out and would like to thank those here who've put the time in tell us what to expect.

I had absolutely no issue getting my fan off. However mine was still intact as I had caught it early. All I did was put the 32mm wrench on the nut and then take a hammer and strike the wrench end about 7 times firmly. The pulley would turn some but the force of the strike broke it free and that was without using WD40 or the like. The fan shouldn't be torqued down at all since the direction the belt travels constantly tightens it. Another note: be careful to separate the pipes behind the pump without pulling them out from where that attach in the rear. I hear they can be a bitch to get back in.

Anyway thanks again for all the write ups folks! For my next trick I think I'm going to tackle my clutch!!!!
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