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Well I just watched my BMW X5 being towed away for the 4th time for the oil separater problem. Each time in the shop it is 'this is the right fix'! We'll see. I came across this site as I was looking for new cars! I am so afraid to start my car and have no trust in it. Each time I start it I have to say a prayer and hold my breath that it will not have a big black smoke ball if the temp is below 20 degrees. Although it is below zero today, the other 2 cars in the garage had no problems. A saturn with 150000 miles on it and a Jeep. Makes me wonder. I have spent more money on keeping this car on the road that I refuse to do it any longer. Once I get it running, it is gone and I will never get another BMW. I saved my whole life to get this car and now am slowly going into the poor house from the repairs. Although BMW has been wonderful and have acknowledged this issue and has worked with me, I cannot continue to put good money into a bad product. Very sad as I love it when it is running! In reading the other posts it states to drive it around and don't take it on short trips.....I don't think a car that costs this much I should have to be so selective in where I drive it to, or drive around for an hour before I go to the grocery store. I would think that I would get more reliability than a 6 year old saturn way past its prime. The fact that I have to keep the saturn as a backup because I never know when my BMW will work is really wrong! Sorry BMW!

Update: Well, I am picking up the X5 tonight with a 'brand new fix'. The techs don't sound confident, but what can I do. the service department has been wonderful, but unfortunaltey they cannot make me feel warm and fuzzy that this won't happen again-because they do not feel warm and fuzzy. We will see!
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