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I was able to fix my problem(for now at least), by a simple cleaning of the radio module contacts. The radio module is located below the spare tire, directly in front of the battery(a little on the left),,, by using Electrical Contact cleaner and some Q-tips,,, spray cleaner on q-tips not the radio module,,, I very carefully cleaned all the pin connectors(very fragile), and then sprayed the actual plugs,,, allowed to dry,,, then reattached,, there is also a small red fuse on the radio module,, this should also be checked..
Ignition key should be out, and do all of this at your own risk,, if you are not mechanically inclined, and don't know how to be gentle, then forget doing this.
It worked for me, but your case may be different,,,, so, proceed at your own risk,,,
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