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IF this is like theE39 system which I would presume it is this system only works for 90 seconds or so after a cold start up with outside temps below 40 or so as I recall.

I am assuming you have located the vacuum controlled valve. It should have a large hose and a small tube attached to it. The large tube is incoming air from the secondary air pump. If you detach this tube within the initial 90 seconds it should be blowing a lot of air. If not and/or this is the tube with water then the secondary air pump may be shot. Or, perhaps the other end of this hose could have come detached from the pump. On the E83 I don't know where the pump is located but in the E39 it is in the right fender well behind the wheel liner thus subject to salt/water etc.

It this large hose is blowing air pull the smaller tube. You should be able to feel a vacuum as the vacuum is what opens the valve. If you don't have suction then you have a vacuum issue which is most likely a problem with the oil separator and or hoses/lines attached to it. The oil separator was the result of some sick German design contest to see how complicated and difficult to repair a simple crankcase ventilation valve could be made. It is unbelievable.

If you have vacuum on this line the valve itself could be bad. Remove it (but go buy a new gasket first) and suck/blow on valve to see if the diaphram is working properly. Another possibility is that if you have had a valve cover gasket replaced and the tubes are routed in a similar manner to the E39 it is real easy to pinch one with a valve cover I was recently told.

Here is the secondary air pump system-

Here is the crankcase ventilation system to which I believe the above is attached
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