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This board puts asterisks in retarted places sometimes. It doesn't like ellipses and colons, dunno why.

I agree that the oil temperature should be fairly constant regarding ambient temperature, however, BMW and many other makes specify various grades for various ambient temperatures. I tend to follow the line of reasoning that they wouldn't have gone to the work of determining the best grade and wasting a full 2 pages in the manual spelling it out if there weren't some reason, even if it's not readily apparent to us.

As for 0-X vs 10-X, if the X's are kept constant (ie, 0-30 vs 10-30), yes, theoretically the 0 should be the preferable one. If you're going with 0-30 vs 15-50, then no, just because it starts with 0 doesn't make it the better choice.
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Ok...this is getting ridiculous. Someone come buy a few of these things.

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