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Originally Posted by pbrink1 View Post
He tried to tell me it is only free at service intervals so I had to get the owners manual out and showed him (page 226) that exhaust fluid replacement is part of the service plan.

The language they've used is somewhat torturous...they exclude changes of the DEF outside of the normal service intervals: (From the 2010 manual)

"DEF changes performed outside the
recommended maintenance intervals as
indicated by the Service Interval Display"

Now, there are two things wrong with this: First, they reference 'changes' not refills. Second, they state that you will be alerted to the need for DEF service by a message based on the conditoons of use. When you run low, you get a warning. This is how they notify you of the need for service.

What they fail to state in their manual is that by "Service Interval Display" they actually mean "Service interval for the other scheduled items and not the DEF notice".

Clearly, they make it sound like 'an extra oil change outside the normally specified interval' is not covered, and neither would a 'DEF change outside the interval as recommended'... but the argument must be, first it is not a change, and second the car is indicating this service IS REQUIRED.

My 2 cents... just getting ready for when mine trips an error...

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