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Ok here's the deal.
1. Yes he's using my mom's money. Money is tight. I sold my M5 to help pay bills. I see this as me selling my baby to pay for his weed. That pisses me off.
2. The cops would come. I live in a town of under 4k people and they're bored. I'm in the Criminal Justice program and they all know me and my family.
3. I'm not going to smoke it. I don't really give a **** if he does it, but the fact that he uses my mom's money to do it is what pisses me off.
4. He is a waste of life. He can turn it around, but unless he gets some sense beaten into him the process will take years. He should be failing school but he cheats off other kids, potheads, then is wonders why he's barely getting D's. My mom has treated him like a little baby ever since my dad passed, and now I feel like I've gotta step in and take over, which is complete BS IMHO...
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