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Originally Posted by kc5 View Post
It's really none of your business how he spends money his mom gave him. That's between him and his mom. If you call the cops you will only give him a criminal record which will haunt him forever. Violence against him will make matters worse. He should not be allowed to smoke in your mom's house, but again, that is between him and his mom. Other than talking to him like an adult you should butt out big bro. He's only 17 -- lighten up.
He is still a minor he can clear his record when he is older and does alll the NA classes and other things they make you do its a pain in the ass but it might wake him up. I had an ex who was like this and even jail time didnt change him, some times there isnt to much you can do if some one loves weed they love it. Also it depends on what his state sees appropriate as punishment for posession california is not that bad as long as it under an ounce. I think thats so fkd up hes spending your mothers money especially since you said money is tight at the moment but then again an addict doesnt care as long as they are are happy. Hope you figuer out what to do with him. Perhaps cut his supply off fing out his dealer and stop him before he gets the product to your bro any way good luck man!
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