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Originally Posted by kc5 View Post
It's really none of your business how he spends money his mom gave him. That's between him and his mom. If you call the cops you will only give him a criminal record which will haunt him forever. Violence against him will make matters worse. He should not be allowed to smoke in your mom's house, but again, that is between him and his mom. Other than talking to him like an adult you should butt out big bro. He's only 17 -- lighten up.
It became my business when my mom's money was actually MY money. I imagine you'd be pissed if someone was taking advantage of you? Perhaps you're above that and forgive immediately after being slapped in the face? I, however, am human, and I want it to stop.
Yes he's 17, but this is nothing really new for our family. We've been through a lot of sh*t where my other brothers/sisters stepped up and made it work, well before the age of 17, nearing 18. He's never done that before, and it's now his turn to step up to the plate and contribute. In this case, his best contribution is to stop wasting money when it can be used to feed, provide clothes, pay heating/water bills, insurance, etc...
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