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Originally Posted by Ryan... View Post
My mom is gone for the night and I'm back at home for the week, and sure enough, I smell pot coming up through the heating vents. Background: my little brother is 17, a complete waste of life, and is using my mom's money to buy pot. My mom has no spine and wont do anything about it. Luckily I have a spine, and it's fvcking pissing me off.

My question for you: What is my next step?

1. Baseball bat, break the stupid fvcks knees?
2. Use my experience in BJJ and Muay Thai to set an example?
3. Call the cops?
4. Beat the living sh*t out of every little *** in the basement, using whatever I find on my way down there?
5. Take a tire iron and remove their tires, then throw the tires in the field behind my house?
All of the above, only I would move calling the cops to last. That way I would at least enjoy myself as I tear apart his pot infested world before the cops show up.
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