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Originally Posted by Jever View Post
How about if moms doesn't stand up then you force your hand. I'm assuming you're over 18. He's underage living at your moms place, which is perfectly normal.

Tell her that unless she puts her foot down, gets this kid in order or kicks him out that you're not paying her a penny. If she's just going to give it to him then tell her to man up. It's her house not yours, right?

Your brother is her problem. Have an intervention with your mom. Be straight up with her. If you want thigns stopped and you don't want your money to go to his habit then tell her that and don't pay her a cent. If it takes her getting into a tight financial jam then so be it.

I would recommend having the money for her but in your pocket that way when she caves and does what's right you can step in, if you so choose, and pay off the bills or whatever is owed.

The bro gets a lesson, moms gets a lesson and you learn a lesson and if things work you're still there to be able to help your mom out after she quits giving your brother all of the ends that you pay her.
I like this solution. I think this thread is getting caught up in the virtues of pot use. He could have a penchant for pay-per-view porn or porcelain bobble heads. Its the fact that he is carelessly spending money that isn't his, when he is old enough to start contributing, or at least fund his own interests/vices.

Cut him off, don't kick him out but don't give him access to a family card/account or petty cash either. Let him get dragged along the bottom for a while, with some tough love from you and your mother and see if he wakes up and gets a damn job.
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