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Originally Posted by Neversaynever View Post
Pic attached. For what it's worth, just replace the radiator and call it a day. Don;t worry about hoses or anything else. Not a bad job if you've had the fan off previously.
And BTW, how do you post a picture full size? I only know how to post the thumbnail.
I totally disagree with this. IMHO you'd be crazy to change the rad and not do the hoses. No offense but that's what I'd call a half-assed job.

Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
I'm above 80K so I'm worried but I'm still a bit confused. Did I mark the right spot below on the composite diagram where to look for the classic crack?

(If not, I supplied a blank composite for someone to correct where I err.)

I'll have to defer to others here who have experienced rad failures but from what I recall many have experienced cracks right at the neck there. Some even after changing busted hoses just from the jockeying off and on with the new ones there at the neck after it has become brittle but again this is only what I've seen hearsay as I replaced all my stuff proactively not wanting to experience the nightmares that many here have seen. As always enjoy your thoroughness and goodluck Bluebee!

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