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2006 X3 Hesitation Issue

I've read the transmission threads and don't see a symptom that exactly matches an issue I'm having. I have an '06 X3 - bought it new off the lot in August of '06 and have put 85,000 trouble-free miles on it. Love the car, but a new symptom has my enthusiasm wilting. When I drop down into passing gear (like you would merging onto the interstate), my car is hesitating right around 3,000 rpm. Seems like its only in one spot in the transmission. I have no idea what gear it's in when it does it but I'm usually going between 50-70 mph. Could a clutch be failing? Don't believe it's the engine (or valves sticking) and used detergent cleaner as part of the troubleshooting. Dealer is saying it's not throwing a fault code in the computer, and they can't do anything. Looking for suggestions to help the Dealer fix it and get it back to it's oustanding self.
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