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  1. The first picture is how to get to the SZL / "Satellite steering column" module from within INPA.
  2. The second picture is just a bunch of crap you'd expect to see when you look under identification for this module.
  3. The third picture has the actual error that I got, and some other stuff.
    • "ECU: SZL" ...SZL is the actual module name
    • There is a line specifying both the error number and description, "94E7 / Steering angle sensor: Relative wiper angle faulty".
    • "Error counter: 1" just says that the issue happened once in this instance.
    • "Error present now and already stored" just means that it still thinks the error is there (I didn't turn off the car before pulling this stuff). Once the car was shut off and turned back on, the module rechecked the sensor and determined that all was okay again (after this it said that the error was no longer present, but was already stored).
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