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Originally Posted by ZedJes View Post
Thanks for you reply.

May be you have this covered already but may I suggest that you take your notes of dates times and comments made by dealership. Overwhelm him with documented evidence that his key people have concluded that there is a problem.

Also, I read in a UK newspaper sometime ago about the gentlemen who had been given the run around by his dealership over numerous issues with his Range Rover Sport. After several months of this he eventually parked his RRS outside the dealership and covered it with details describing the issue with the car and how he had been treated by the dealership. Few days later they gave him another car.

see link

Good Luck and let us know!!
Originally Posted by greg1 View Post
I Googled "2009 BMW 750i problem" to see if any issues/problems with the new 7 before I take the leap and trade in and this forum's posting shows up right at the top. This was about a month ago. I am baffled on how on earth this issue is not resolved and how they can they leave you hanging while they try to figure this out. With over 6000 views on this post, how could the BMW execs that also read this just sit and do nothing? Mercedes must just love this publicity.
Hang in there bcool and demand another car asap!! Over 80 days in the shop...outrageous!
Good luck and keep us in the loop b/c we are very curious on how this turns out!!!
Originally Posted by greg1 View Post
Asaseaban is bang on..BMW should 100% give you another 7 period YESTERDAY!!
Totally agree with Asaeaban...perhaps you are being too nice so don't let them jerk you around anymore.
Good luck and please let us know!
Thanks Zedjes and Greg1...really appreciate the encouragement. I will surely keep you posted till my lawyer prevents me from doing so. Suppose to be meeting the Regional Tech Mgr this week. This better come to a conclusion
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