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Originally Posted by greg1 View Post
I Googled "2009 BMW 750i problem" to see if any issues/problems with the new 7 before I take the leap and trade in and this forum's posting shows up right at the top. This was about a month ago. I am baffled on how on earth this issue is not resolved and how they can they leave you hanging while they try to figure this out. With over 6000 views on this post, how could the BMW execs that also read this just sit and do nothing? Mercedes must just love this publicity.
Hang in there bcool and demand another car asap!! Over 80 days in the shop...outrageous!
Good luck and keep us in the loop b/c we are very curious on how this turns out!!!

As you can see from this post and others out there, there are a lot of HAPPY F01/02 owners including myself. However, bcool and very few others issue(s) may be isolated. I don't expect BMW to be flawless in their car manufacturing BUT i expect them to man up and own up whenever there appears to be a manufacturer defect/problem. We know what has happen to TOYOTA after months of denial and shorty fixes, now TOYOTA is loosing millions of dollars in sales on recalling cars. Also, TOYOTA is loosing it's reputation when it comes to car reliability and dependant not to mention customers.

The service department that bcool is dealing with and BMW Canada are doing a disservice to BMW as a whole, because here in the U.S.A, BMW NA is very sensitive to their customer satisfaction and so are the dealerships and service departments that handle BMWs. Plus Americans are quick to file a law suit and WIN most of the time so i doubt had this issue being in the States, bcool will be going thru all these nonsense...but you never know.

Furthermore, i doubt if BMW Canada and BMW headquarters in Germany is aware of the seriouness of this issue. NO ONE SHOULD BE PAYING FOR A CAR THAT SITS IN THE SHOP FOR MONTHS DUE TO NO FAULT OF THEIRS. However, should this case go to court, i know for sure BMW Canada and BMW Headquarters will definitely step in because it's a poor reflection on them.

My hope is that bcool gets a replacement car and also get's compensated for all the crap they put him thru and even reimburse him half of the payment he has being making for all the months the car has not being in his possession.

I'm on my 2nd F02 and i have ZERO complaints/problems. It's the best 7er i've ever own and i hope you get to experience it too.

Good luck!
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